Gerber Technology: Specialist in Simplifying the Apparel Lifecycle

Michael Elia, President and CEO
Similar to the metamorphosis of a butterfly, products too, in this era of automation, go through several stages—from conceptualization to deployment. However, a product lifecycle, being comprised of many disparate functionalities and human intervened processes like design, manufacture, supply, or service, often becomes complex to unite. This has led the CEOs to recognize that increasingly complex products require closer collaboration between teams throughout the lifecycle—development through operations and supply. Gerber Technology, a global provider of integrated automation software, offers Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions that effectively mechanize product design and manufacturing process for the fashion and apparel industry. Gerber’s products help customers produce faster, at less cost, and with the highest quality. “We help global brands unify their people, process, and business for making informed decisions and executing with the highest efficiency,” says Michael Elia, President and CEO, Gerber Technology.

Gerber recognizes apparel manufacturers’ struggle to manufacture efficiently and ship quickly under constant pressure due to increasing number of e-commerce stores. Their flagship PLM solution, Yu-niquePLM, assists brands untangle the workflow challenges around interacting with multiple sections of people and processes. It helps organizations synchronize the product line and financial plans, and maximize the productivity of their design and development teams. YuniquePLM enables designers to sketch out plans for colors and patterns for the upcoming season and allows them to share product information with globally dispersed team members early in the development process. YuniquePLM consists of modules for various phases of product manufacturing—development calendar, line planning, line list, tech pack management, costing and Request for Quotation (RFQ), and business intelligence. “It also includes vendor collaboration, raw material management, digital library management, and color management,” reveals Elia.

At the other side of the spectrum, Gerber’s consultation service, ‘YuniquePLM Consulting’ helps organizations with the daunting task of implementing new enterprise-wide software platforms. Gerber’s YuniquePLM FS edition is a rapid implementation version of the leading YuniquePLM solution.

We help global brands unify their people, process, and business for making informed decisions and executing with the highest efficiency

It helps accelerate the time to market, reduce development costs, ensure quality, and respond to customers’ demand for more styles.

YuniquePLM gives decision makers the ability to access the necessary information and digital assets on mobile devices from anywhere, at any time. “In this ever-changing world of trend-driven fashion, mobility provides exceptional cost savings and increased ROI by minimizing the need for travel,” says Elia. YuniquePLM’s mobility tools enable global teams to fast track product development and stay synchronized with overseas trading partners.

Since its inception, Gerber has worked with customers in various business areas like aerospace, apparel, retail, packaging and transportation, including more than 100 Fortune 500 companies across 130 countries. A case in point is, Randa Accessories, a global men’s accessories company that was struggling to unify its supply chain process. The lack of a centralized database made it difficult to collaborate effectively with partners. In addition, one of their supplier networks was based in China, so the language barrier only augmented the challenge. By implementing YuniquePLM, the client achieved regular vendor participation and real-time collaboration with supply chain partners and faster development process.

Gerber recently released YuniquePLM version 7 as a subscription-based software, which assists apparel manufacturers improve supply chain agility, collaboration, and productivity—ultimately helping them achieve faster ROI. For the years to come, Gerber envisions further developing its PLM solutions for better channelizing the fashion arena.

Gerber Technology

Michael Elia, President and CEO

Provides PLM platform that help organizations connect with their creative teams to supply chain to get the right products to market, on time