Aras Corporation: Alleviating Complexities in PLM

Peter Schroer, CEO & Founder
At the Congress on the Future of Engineering Software (COFES) 2016 annual event, Peter Schroer, CEO and founder, Aras Corporation, was felicitated by the Computer-aided design (CAD) Society for his expertise at developing unique and disruptive software into the enterprise Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) market. Developing the CAD, engineering, manufacturing and architecture software industries with years of hard work, Schroer helped Aras to deliver effective PLM software, allowing customers to effectively manage the growing product complexity and fast changing processes that are occurring within their enterprise. “We bring together enterprise open source technology and advanced model-based service oriented architecture to deliver a highly scalable, flexible, and secure PLM suite of solutions for our customers,” says Schroer.

“Our long history in the PLM business provides us with a detailed insight of all the complexities involved in enterprise-wide PLM projects, and has the ability to resolve those issues through our ‘Aras Innovator’ PLM software,” continues Schroer. The software offers an integrated solution for PDM, PLM, and more on a single unified platform, which enables customers to develop consistent, repeatable processes across the complete product lifecycle. Further, Aras’ centralized database provides users with the access to the most accurate and up-to-date product information, in order to efficiently collaborate optimize resources, minimize operational errors, and reduce time to market, for improved products and increased profitability.

With a fundamentally different approach, Aras builds its scalable, full-featured, and easy-to-adopt PLM software to develop both technology and business models for improved operations. Aras’ PLM solutions has an in-built ability to support global product development, systems engineering, multi-site manufacturing, supply chain operations and quality compliance that help clients to gain a greater competitive advantage. By leveraging this out-of-the-box functionality, and along with modern web-based, cloud-ready architecture, customers working with Aras can easily deploy and continuously enhance their PLM environment in fractions, unlike the conventional enterprise PLM systems.

We bring together enterprise open source technology and advanced model-based service oriented architecture to deliver a highly scalable, flexible, and secure PLM suite of solutions for our customers

Enterprises today are looking for next-gen PLM tools for improving the development of physical, electronic, logical, and content aspects of their products, in order to effectively manage the entire product lifecycle from idea until disposal. Toshiba Machine, a leading machine manufacturer needed to streamline their design and manufacturing processes. To achieve the goal, the manufacturing client turned to Aras, and implemented its Innovator software to improve the company’s design processes for made-to order products, collaborate with ERP, and increase product quality. Replacing the legacy systems, Aras effectively helped Toshiba Machine to standardize their global design processes, increase the product quality, improve design processes for made-to order products, and enhance collaboration with ERP. “With our highly customizable and upgradable PLM solutions, we are confident that Aras will enable Toshiba Machine achieve success as their business continues to grow and expand and streamline international collaboration with ERP,” says Schroer.

Adding onto the PLM offerings, Aras had recently announced a Technical Documentation application. Built on the Aras Innovator platform, the application is all set to provide a breakthrough in the authoring, visualizing, and publishing of a wide range of product, regulatory, safety, and technical information. “With our dedicated Community Development team, we will continue to guide our clients through their complete PLM journey, whether it’s their first roll out or an ongoing implementation,” concludes Schroer.

Aras Corporation

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Peter Schroer, CEO & Founder

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