Simparel: Strengthening the Capabilities of the Fashion Industry through PLM

CIO VendorKen Fearnley, CTO
In the era of globalization, every industry is under tremendous pressure to meet the ever-increasing demands of consumers. The apparel and fashion domain is no exception, as they deal with design, development, manufacturing and omni-channel fulfillment of a wide variety of goods. The case was not different with RG Barry when it was in pursuit of a solution to transition from a modest-growth slipper business to a fast-growth accessory company. The Simparel Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution has enabled the firm to execute its growth strategy secure in the knowledge that its systems will grow along with the company.

With many such success stories under their belt, New York City-based Simparel helps apparel and fashion companies with robust PLM and ERP solutions that transform the way they coordinate and work. “Our integrated software connects the design, development, production and distribution processes by empowering users with greater visibility into the entire product life cycle,” says Ken Fearnley, CTO, Simparel.

The Simparel PLM application is comprised of line planning, specifications, costing, digital asset management and more; allowing streamlined end to end processes. It combines the entire design lifecycle with financials, raw materials, order, and inventory management. It also facilitates the workflow among vendors, partners and logistics with Supply Chain Management EDI tools to improve the flow of business-critical data among the producers and sellers. “Our next generation, cloud based architecture supports speed, flexibility and security,” claims Fearnley. “Getting product to market quicker with higher quality is the goal.”

Simparel’s unique, end to end dynamic PLM and ERP approach and service has helped many firms to outperform in their market space. “Front-end usability and scalability of our backend server is a key differentiating factor, which enables us to handle large numbers of users and ensures streamlined implementation and upgrades,” claims Fearnley. Adding to it, the Simparel solution is very cost- effective, reliable and flexible to meet any kind of requirements.
With their deep industry expertise and broad out of the box offering, the Simparel services group can quickly configure or even customize the system to align with specific customer needs. And the support team at Simparel is second to none. “Customer centricity is key at Simparel. We provide round the clock email and phone support for our clients. We can also provide onsite service with industry-leading subject matter experts and IT services,” claims Fearnley. Apart from that, Simparel operates via an internal methodology and implementation plan, where they use best practices, internally developed tools and their internal knowledge base to create a distinguishing factor and positive customer experience.

On the innovation front, Simparel’s R&D group is focused on the next generation software targeting integration with new systems and devices. “With our deep expertise and knowledge of the fashion industries, we'll be rolling out various types of products to enhance our customer's business growth and allow them to leverage innovative technologies with our platform” asserts Fearnley.

Our end to end solutions allow our customers to move quickly with standardized processes and tools that allow them to have a single source of product design, manufacturing, and fulfillment data

Looking ahead, Simparel foresees early design processes utilizing 3D paradigms, tapping into virtual reality with Microsoft’s hologram goggles and streamlining prototyping via 3D printing and visualization. Additionally, embracing collaboration tools that are familiar to our end users is a key to allow fashion designers to collaborate with retailers, partners and suppliers. “Simparel is recognized as a technology leader in this space and we will continue to make investments and apply thought leadership to make the impossible possible, which will allow our customers to get amazing products to market faster,” concludes Fearnley.


New York, NY

Ken Fearnley, CTO

Provides global process visibility, control and collaboration by combining traditionally independent Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Materials and Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP), and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).