IMAGINiT Technologies: Streamlined PLM Solutions for Enhanced Product Modeling Equations

Tim Johnson, Senior Vice President
As enterprises manage large operations, they are constantly challenged in areas like establishing continuity, efficiency, and visibility throughout the product’s lifecycle, while improving the process for getting new products to market. It poses significant threats to enterprises, contributing to longer time-to-market, rising cost, high rejection rates in quality approvals, and compliance to regulatory issues. IMAGINiT Technologies, a specialist in providing Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions, enables manufacturing companies to effectively reduce these challenges. “We provide streamlined PLM solutions which start with analyzing our customers’ business objectives, workflows, and systems to develop a roadmap for the solution that is optimized to address the customers’ unique needs,” says Tim Johnson, Senior Vice President, IMAGINiT Technologies.

IMAGINiT’s agile PLM solutions facilitate enterprises to accelerate product innovation and maximize product profitability throughout the product lifecycle and across the global product network. “We look for ways in which the clients can more efficiently share data amongst teams collaborating on a project, and achieve seamless business insights throughout the product lifecycle,” says Johnson. In addition to PLM and data management, IMAGINiT offers a variety of other services such as — Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis— which empowers enterprises to predict product performance, optimize designs, and validate product behavior before manufacturing. The CFD services primarily assist enterprises in finding drawbacks in their products’ functioning through the ready-made physics interfaces that are configured to obtain product model inputs via GUI integration.

Finally, the product modeling process of CFD helps the clients in using the drawback inputs to formulate enhanced product model equations. “With CFD’s unparalleled potential, we help companies design cutting-edge buildings, mechanical products, and infrastructure projects, and in the process be on the forefront of trends shaping relevant industries,” says Johnson.

The company also works on areas like Reality Capture, Scanning, and Photogrammetry,
which allow businesses to perform advanced quantitative analysis or create high-quality visualizations and animations based on the modeling of product. It also provides organizations with a Building Information Model (BIM) solution which is used by construction owners to develop insights for planning, designing, and managing infrastructures across the entire lifecycle of the building.

We build innovative Product Lifecycle Management solutions to proactively mitigate security risks against infrastructure modeling and product lifecycle conceptualization

“When one of our analysts is looking at the best way to solve a given problem, the client has the benefit of our entire team’s experience behind them providing reference and guidance in making critical decisions,” says Johnson. “I believe this is the key that makes our solutions so resourceful and effective,” he adds. IMAGINiT has solved the complexities of product management and engineering design for a multitude of enterprises. For example, a business unit of Behlen Manufacturing Company was getting bogged down by a traditional product- development workflow based on paper file folders and manual checklists. IMAGINiT reviewed their processes and connected systems and offered a PLM 360 solution from Autodesk.

As Behlen managed their whole project using electronic processes, they witnessed paramount productivity which led to improved customer service with information being integrated into the PLM workspaces in a central location for each project. “A primary differentiator for us is the fact that we have a dedicated group that focuses on nothing but process improvement through the use of PLM technology and this has greatly accelerated our position in the market,” says Johnson. IMAGINiT plans to stay abreast of the trends both in industry and business transformation. “We want to hire, train, and develop the best people in the industry, and provide unmatched client experience,” concludes Johnson.

IMAGINiT Technologies

Owings Mills, MD

Tim Johnson, Senior Vice President

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