Savvy CEOs and directors know the value that technology adds to building a better business, improving operations, increasing customer satisfaction, and building competitive advantages....  more>>
Wednesday, November 18, 2015
In the world of car racing where speed is of utmost importance, it is necessary for automotive industries to create efficient designs to meet the standards of sports....  more>>
Friday, December 18, 2015
The ability to deliver innovative and impactful products is a key factor for competitive success and leverages smarter investments in the all-important product development arena....  more>>
Friday, January 22, 2016
Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) can now be implemented as a single tenant cloud solution, or as a cloud based deployment as Infor has launched the latest version of Infor Optiva....  more>>
Monday, January 25, 2016
As informed since a year, Autodesk has now stopped selling perpetual licenses of majority of its individual products from 31st January 2016 and has transformed the AutoCAD products into subscription-only model effective from 31st July 2016....  more>>
Tuesday, February 2, 2016
There has always been a need for reliable licensed software which can help industries to participate in the open market. The newly introduced Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software addresses to this by launching 4G...  more>>
Wednesday, February 10, 2016
Substantial sums of money are involved with product development. This is the life blood of most companies, and to have successful and efficient processes takes substantial resources. ...  more>>
Thursday, March 3, 2016
As companies continue their Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) enterprise transformation journey to develop, transform and manage product information, program sponsors are been challanged on how to effectectively articulate the value...  more>>
Friday, March 4, 2016
Jive Software, a provider of collaboration and communication solutions for businesses, announces the launch of a new employee engagement solution supporting corporate communications. ...  more>>
Tuesday, March 22, 2016
A global textile service company—Lindström implemented Gerber technology’s YuniquePLM web-based product lifecycle management software to accelerate the production of customer solutions throughout its operations....  more>>
Tuesday, March 22, 2016
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